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RegionsQ Bundaberg

RegionsQ Bundaberg

Sep 29 2014

Farmfresh Fine Foods recently hosted a RegionsQ Bundaberg business visit. 

RegionsQ is an initiative of the Queensland Government that involves a consultation process with industry, business and the public across Queensland, which is intended to draw out information to inform a State-wide Action Plan.

Bundaberg was selected to host one of 16 RegionsQ forums conducted across Queensland – as the region plays a pivotal role in Queensland’s economy.

In a press release distributed by the Queensland Government, Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney said that Farmfresh Fine Foods success story is one he’d like to see replicated across Queensland and that this is why the Queensland Government is delivering the RegionsQ initiative.

As a family business with great staff, we get involved in exciting opportunities that benefit the Bundaberg Region – this is our home and where we work.